Are you fed up with the mess and hassle of bathing your dog at home?

This is particularly popular for large breeds which the owner does not want to bath at home. You get to use professional equipment to achieve the professional look, but doing it yourself. You take the car to the car wash so why not take the dog to the dog wash!

DIY area
DIY area

You use our state of the art Hydro bath. This ensures full penetration into the coat for full, effective and superior bathing.

If your dog is just too big or will not go in a bath then our specially designed wet area is ideal. No lifting need be required as the area is at floor level. A dog neck and belly strap is supplied so they cannot hurt themselves or run away!


• Warm water (no more cold hoses)
• No scratches on your bath
• No wet carpets afterwards
• No mess for you to tidy afterwards
• Quick and un-stressful for your dog
• Advise on your dogs individual requirements

There is also the added benefit of drying your dog with a high pressure dryer which also eliminates excess coat and loose hair. (The high pressure dryer is noisy so nervous dogs may find this too stressful for the time required to dry your dog fully. Towel drying may be required.)


• Yourself
• You dog
• Shampoo (can be supplied at an additional cost)
• Towel

When you arrive for the first time, we will provide a full induction including tuition in the correct way to bath your dog to achieve the best results. We will also be happy to field any questions you may have.

It is advisable to phone us on the day you wish to use the DIY dog wash to make an appointment. We are unable to make appointments in advance for this service, but as long as we are open you will be able to use it.


£5.00 Small dogs
£7.50 Medium dogs
£10.00 Large dogs
£12.50 Giant breeds

£3.00 Small dogs
£5.00 Large dogs


• You must be over 18 years of age
• Only 2 adults can be present at one time
• 30 minutes use (this is ample even for large dogs)


Is it your dog's first time? Or just want to know more about our Services? Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here

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